Systems We Use

Here's a non-exhaustive list of software and systems that we use that most people at the company will interact with at some point.

  • Slack is used for real-time chat and team co-ordination.

  • Zoom is used for video calls, with Outreach joining sales calls.

  • Google Workspace is used for email, calendars, and everything else. We use Google Drive to store all of our documents. If you prefer using Word and Excel, we also have Microsoft 365 on request.

  • Confluence is used for internal documentation as a wiki.

  • Salesforce is used by the sales team and customer success.

  • Zendesk and Discourse are our support systems.

  • Intercom provides real-time chat with customers on our website.

  • Bob manages our feedback cycles.

  • Calendly is used for scheduling meetings with us.

There's a lot more, probably over a hundred things in total. For example, the designers use Creative Cloud as well as tools like Figma. Software developers have MSDN subscriptions and JetBrains Toolbox licenses. Product managers use Productboard and Amplitude. Some people use Figma for UI mockups, or Whimsical for diagrams. Your manager will set you up with what you need, and if you're curious about anything, just ask.

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