About this handbook.

This handbook serves as a high-level guide to all of the things that everybody needs to know to have a successful career at Octopus Deploy. It captures how we think about fundamental things, who to talk to, how we work, and how to make the most of your time here.

If you're new to Octopus or thinking about joining, make a coffee, get comfy, and read every page of this handbook. It will tell you what to expect, you'll gain a lot of clarity about how we work, and you'll be able to have more detailed conversations with your manager or interviewers.

If you've been here a while, or you ever feel a little lost, come back to this handbook too. It's written and curated by Paul and updated every now and then, so it'll always be the best way to understand how we think and what's expected.

This handbook is structured in four sections:

  1. Welcome, designed for people who've just started

  2. Getting oriented, which gives you the what, how and why of Octopus Deploy

  3. You @ Octopus, which is all about your career and our expectations of you

  4. Good to know, a handful of things that don't quite fit anywhere else

If there's anything about this handbook that you think can be improved or is out of date, or doesn't reflect your experience at Octopus, reach out to Paul Stovell on Slack.

We've decided to make this handbook public. We hope it will be useful for people considering working here to help them understand what they're getting into, and for other companies building remote-first teams to see what we've done. We've learned a lot from other companies who open up their handbooks, and so we offer ours in the same spirit.

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