Our Business Model

While our customers have many choices regarding CI/CD, we believe we're the only company trying to solve all of the hardest parts of Continuous Delivery in a focused, best-of-breed way.

Underpinning our business model is a set of beliefs that we haven't wavered from:

  1. Continuous Delivery is a "Fortune 50,000" challenge. Many tens of thousands of companies have complex CD problems that Octopus can solve. We think that this is as big of an opportunity as Atlassian had with bug tracking and Datadog had with monitoring.

  2. Earning their business, bottom-up, one team at a time, is the right way. We think that the best way to reach all of those customers, in companies big and small - and to build a better product - is by focussing on bottom-up developer-led adoption and partnerships, not high-touch top-down sales to management. In the long term, any company that relies completely on the latter will be replaced by the company that figures out the former.

  3. Best-of-breed. We choose to build a "best-of-breed" solution over a "does everything" solution because we think that the market will always put downward pressure on the price and capabilities of basic-level tooling. Only tools that focus on the most complicated use cases and customizability will be around long-term.

In summary, we think that tens of thousands of software teams will need a best-of-breed, cloud-agnostic continuous delivery solution and that bottom-up developer adoption is the best way to reach them. Doing this requires building a solution that doesn't just demo well but that people love to use. When they use our software, and when it’s delivering value for them, they are very unlikely to switch to anything else.

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