Learn Our Business

Be an Octopus expert.

Whether you join Octopus in sales, marketing, engineering, or any other part of the organization, what's the single most important thing you can do to make the biggest impact at Octopus?

Learn as much as you can about our business:

  • Who are our customers?

  • What problem do they hire Octopus to solve?

  • How do software teams work? What are the key roles?

  • How does software change over time, and how does software get delivered?

  • What other tools do they use?

  • How do we fit competitively?

  • What makes Octopus Deploy unique?

  • How does our product work?

In fact, learning this stuff isn't just a suggestion: it's a requirement for long term success here.

You might be an expert in your field. Maybe you're an engineer and you know React better than anyone. Or you're a support engineer and you can get to the root cause of an issue faster than anyone. Maybe you're a Google Analytics wizard, or a SCRUM master, or a brilliant technical writer, or an expert on tax law.

That's great, and that's what got you the job. But if you don't know our business, you're going to struggle to be really effective. You'll write copy that doesn't resonate with our audience, you'll employ tactics that don't make sense, you'll pick solutions that are either too naive or too complex.

Make time to learn all the things above. Become a bit of an expert in them. It will make the difference between whether you go down in history as a legend within the company, or just someone who helped out.

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